The management https://www.acheterviagrafr24.com/achat-viagra-en-ligne-sans-ordonnance/ board has been investing profits in company’s infrastructure, the proof of which is constant development of the back-up facilities:  

  • April 1991, establishment of the company, operating in rented rooms,
  • January 1996, the first office owned by the company at Szpitalna Street,
  • December 1998, the first building of a refrigerator room and a morgue at Drzymały Street,
  • November 2000, opening of the new office at 62 Dąbrowszczaków Street, company head office moved there,
  • March 2002, moving all facilities, garages and staff rooms from rented rooms to offices at 62 Dąbrowszczaków Street.
  • March 2004, commissioning the service building in Karlino,
  • June 2005, winning a tender and concluding a contract for administration of the municipal cemetery in Karlino,
  • June 2009, commissioning a modern refrigerator room and a morgue at Szpitalna Street.

On the company’s  20th anniversary, the employees dedicated the following thought of Bolesław Prus to the owners:

„A work wise and persistent, which does not think of harvest a week after the seed time,  can break through the mountains and bridge a  precipice”.

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