Our employees

Employees are the company’s greatest asset and its greatest advantage. Long-term experience and a careful choice of staff provides the highest quality in organization of funerals. Professional, cultured and empathic employees at the customer service offices are Anna Rydzak (employed since 1993) and Grażyna Wosiak (employed since 2004) in Białogard and Mariola Woronko (employed since 2008) in Karlino.

Mr Andrzej Strzębała (employed since 1993) is the one with the longest work experience at the parlour. He has a certificate in the field of  tanatocosmetics (covering visible after-death changes) and tanatopraxy (reconstruction of the body disfigured in the result of an accident)

Jacek Wosiak with 20 years of work experience in construction and Paweł Amarowicz, an experienced  paver, are responsible for the cemetery works.  Andrzej Kemrowski is the excavator operator and the mechanical equipment operator.  Other employees, Marek Fleiszor, Tomasz Radzimski and Mariusz Kowalski, with their work and commitment  add to the work of the most experienced  ones.

Stanisław Ulewicz, a self-posessed and cultured driver with 13 years of experience is responsible for transportation.  Grażyna Ozimkowska, the company accountant, watches over proper balance of settlements with clients and suppliers, and Beata Łobacz, who is also one of the owners, over finances. Wiesław Olejarz, the owner and the chief executive, supervises all.

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